About Me

Hi! My name is George K. Zafiris and I am a Senior Software Engineer. I have several years of experience developing advanced web applications for professionals. I’m also a team player with great organizational and social skills, open minded and with the affinity of converting constructive feedback into tangible outcomes. During the years I have developed extremely fast and adaptive learning processes and I’m always in a process of continuous self development. Always enthusiastic, rational and objective oriented, welcoming any upcoming challenge with proper sophistication and prototyping.

I started document tutorials on my YouTube channel, so feel free to check that out as well. Below you’ll find the PHP playlist. New tutorials every weekend.

To complement your learning endeavor you can also buy my book Practical PHP: Principles & Conventions or purchase my Learn PHP & MySQL: Create Dynamic Web Applications with Ease course on Udemy to obtain a certification to showcase your progress. Connect with me via LinkedIn, Stack Overflow or fork something from my GitHub

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